Summer Staff Application

Application for Summer Staff


Thank you for your interest in Summer Staff 2024.

Please Note: If you have not received an email confirmation within one week of submitting this application, please contact us by email at summerstaff@fortcaswell.com or by phone at (910) 278-9501. 

Summer Staff at Fort Caswell is a unique job opportunity that is vital to the success of summer camp. Since 1950, young adults from across North Carolina and beyond have been a part of the staff under the guidance and direction of both full-time employees, and their peers. Summer staff come for the fellowship they experience and the spiritual growth that comes with the service in ministry that Christ has for them and for Fort Caswell as an organization. It is everyone's prayer that each summer staff member leaves having gained valuable work and life experiences and cherished friends. 

Space on summer staff is limited to approximately 70 people. 

Steps to the application process:
1. Fill out and submit this online application.

2. If you have never worked on summer staff before, ensure that all of your required references have filled out and submitted our Online Reference Form (send them the link). Your application will not be processed until all of your references have been received.

If you are an applicant who has worked at Caswell in the last year, you may skip the references step. 

3. When you receive your confirmation email, call and schedule a time to interview for a position on summer staff. 

Please fill out each section of this form as instructed and when you are finished, press the submit button at the end. 

Basic Information

Full Legal Name


Date of Birth

Contact Information

Education Information

Church Information

Position Details

For which position(s) are you applying?

To view position descriptions, please click this link.

Be advised: while we try to honor your wishes, staffing needs may require that we ask you to work in a different position than those for which you apply. 

Please Choose three different position options below:


Fort Caswell Summer Staff runs from approximately the last week of May until the second week of August. Exact dates vary from year to year. We have guests all the way through our contract end date and it is important we have staff who are available throughout the entirety of the summer.

In hiring, we give first preference to individuals who are able to commit to the entire season of summer missions at Fort Caswell.

Employment, Experience, & Skills


Please give the complete name, address, and daytime phone information for each of your references. In addition to filling out this section telling us who they are, you must also ask them to submit to us a reference form. NOTE: If you worked at Fort Caswell in the past year, you do NOT need to submit references, you may skip this section. 

Reminder: A minimum of four (4) completed reference forms are required for summer staff employment. Please copy and paste the link below into an email or text message and send it to your references so that they may have access to the online reference form. 


Short-answer Questions

Please answer the set of questions that apply to you:



Please read the following:

I certify that the statements given in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that consideration for employment is conditional upon the results of a reference check. I hereby authorize you to verify all information contained on this application with former employers, references, appropriate personnel, or resources. I further authorize that any personnel at listed places of employment or references may disclose any and all information regarding my work history, personal characteristics, work habits, or other information they may deem of relevant importance to Fort Caswell in making a hiring decision. 

I furthermore waive the right to bring a lawsuit against the aforementioned references for releasing the requested information.

I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal if employed.

I understand this authorization and agree to the release and verification of the aforementioned information. 

If you have never been employed with us, please remember to share the following link to our online reference form with your references:


If they are unable to access or complete the form using that link, please email us for a physical form that they can mail to us. 

New staff applications will not be processed until all references have been received.

If you have worked on Caswell Summer Staff in the past, you do not need have references or ask anyone to complete a reference form. 

If you have questions about this application or summer staff, you may contact us at (910) 278-9501 or email us at summerstaff@fortcaswell.com

Please allow one week for your application to be received and processed. Once processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have not received an email confirmation within one week of submitting this application, please contact us by phone at (910) 278-9501 to ensure that we have your application on file.

If this online application is filled out correctly, hit the submit button below.