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Hear From Former Staff!

“Working on Summer Staff at Fort Caswell is a dream. We not only have the pleasure of working a fun job at a beach, but we are able to engage in fellowship with one another and spark growth in our relationship with Christ. God lives and works at Caswell, touching not only the hearts of the campers but the staffers as well. We work here for the purpose of glorifying God, and as staffers, we are united together under this common goal for our workplace, and ultimately, our lives outside of Caswell. Working at Fort Caswell provides an opportunity for a season of peace, reflection, and unity among staff, in a hectic, devise world. Without my staff experience, I would not be the same man than I am today.” –Carter P.

“Having the opportunity to work on Summer Staff for two summers was an incredible experience. I made lifelong friendships, sweet memories, and grew in my faith tremendously. I had the opportunity to serve as a building supervisor and a servant leader. Both summers were filled with fun Summer Staff events, meaningful church services, and late-night runs to get ice-cream. There’s truly nothing like getting to live at the beach while also building God’s Kingdom. I am so grateful for Caswell and the impact it has had on my life. –Emma Q.

“My name is Walker and I was on Summer Staff in 2020. Working at Fort Caswell is a great way to meet new people but also to work. I was able to work on the Guest Services team last summer and I enjoyed the work I did in that workgroup. Caswell is great because you spend your summer in a place where you’re serving Christ but also making lifelong friendships with the people around you.” –Walker B.

“I have loved working at Fort Caswell these past two summers! They have truly been the best two summers of my life. I have made so many lifelong friends & grown closer to God like never before. Caswell is such a unique ministry experience—I definitely recommend it!” –Hannah G.

“Caswell means so much to so many people and it is such an amazing experience to be a part of it. Living with other brothers and sisters in Christ, having that community, and encouraging one another in our walks with the Lord is something you can't take for granted. The friendships that I have made will last for years to come because they were built on Jesus. There are not many places where you can work at the beach with fellow believers, building God’s Kingdom while making the best memories at the same time. I can honestly say my life would be completely different if I had never worked here. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to grow in my faith with some of the most beautiful people.” –Faith T.

“My experience at Fort Caswell has been nothing short of amazing. From my time working in the cafeteria to being on the Guest Services Team, working at Caswell has been a dream come true! The interaction you get with the campers makes up for the early mornings and the long days. I will never forget my time here and this place will always be my second home!” –Dyllan P.


Ideal candidates should be rising seniors in high school through college.


 A summer ministry job with a variety of workgroups. The whole staff comes together for social events and worship services.


Late May through mid-August


The Eastern end of Oak Island, NC, in Brunswick County. Nearby you'll find the quiet town of Southport.


If there wasn't a summer staff, thousands of youth couldn't come to camp and meet Jesus. Saffers help build the Kingdom.


Start by submitting an online application using the link below. Review position descriptions to get a better idea of the workgroups.

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