Spring Coastal Adult Retreats for 2021

Announcing a 3-day, 2-night spring retreat for retired and semi-retired adults with three dates to choose from!

Live Oak trees grow all around Fort Caswell. They are world-renowned for the strength and the durability of their wood. Generations have marveled at how these mighty trees each grow from a single, tiny acorn. Of course, we know that the foundation of their strength lies under the surface, in the vast root system the draws nutrients from the soil.

For this reason, being Rooted in Faith is a common metaphor for Christian life. Like a Live Oak, when we set our roots in the nourishing Word of God, we can grow into great strength as believers. This spring, we want to explore practical ways each of us can encourage ourselves, our churches, and our family members to be rooted firmly in the Word of God.

Dates              Music/Entertainment         Speaker
April 12-14        Eddie and Pam Hicks               Daryl Trexler
April 19-21         Unity Quartet                           Phyllis Elvington
April 26-28         Tim Walters                              Phyllis Elvington

Every Coastal Adult Retreat includes a combination of large group worship services and small group breakout sessions along with plenty of relaxed free time to enjoy our campus, nearby Southport, and other area attractions.

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Price Per Person (all-inclusive): $162.00

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