Spring Coastal Adult Retreats

Our Purpose

Our purpose as individuals seems to change at different times and in different stages of life. From student to employee, from spouse to parent and even grandparent, these differing roles lead us to new challenges, new joys, and fresh perspective.

Through it all, however, one overarching calling remains the same - to glorify and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. Guests will join us as we attempt to inspire a rediscovery of how, as retired adults, our purpose as Christians is the one that never changes.

Introducing Fort Caswell's Spring Coastal Adult Retreats, a 3-day retreat where food, fellowship, worship, and entertainment meet. We hope to help foster a setting of relaxation and spiritual renewal for you and your retired adult group.

Monday Night entertainment
Program Fee

April 16-18; Speaker: Daryl Trexler, Musical Guest: In Christ
April 30-May 2; Speaker: Phyllis Elvington, Musical Guest: Cody Green
May 7-9; Speaker: Trent Drye, Musical Guest: Dale Blake

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*Photo of the Cross on Fort Caswell at night provided by Summer Staff Alumni, Evan Davenport - website.