Closure Due to Hurricane Florence

UPDATE - Fort Caswell: Florence Storm Recap Video

UPDATE - 9/20/18

Our facilities team spent the day cleaning campus, and they will be joined by the majority of our staff tomorrow as many of them have made it safely back already. There are still a lot of things on our list to clean up, but solid progress is being made. Thank you for all the prayers over the past couple of weeks- God is Good!! Check back tomorrow for a detailed update with some video of our worksites and details about where we go from here. Also, please remember that if you have questions about scheduling or reservations, our phone lines will be open tomorrow at 8am at (910) 278-9501.

UPDATE - 9/19/18:

Today’s big news is that the property assessment is complete and we have gone through all the buildings and structures on campus. Good news, the vast majority of buildings on campus will be up and ready to receive guests soon! Please call our office on Friday with scheduling and reservations questions (910) 278-9501. With major roads already opening back to Brunswick county, we should see minimal disruption to the fall season of programming and events, what an incredible blessing! We will be posting a detailed announcement on Friday about what happened, and what’s next, along with new photos, videos, and commentary from staff. Although we are pleased with the protection we received from the storm, our thoughts are with those in other areas who were not as fortunate. Please join us in praying for continued healing for the Carolina coast. We will update you all again soon.

UPDATE - 9/18/18:

Water has receded enough today to allow us to check all the buildings for damages and to get a start on repairs. We are still unable to reopen for guests at this time, but we will have limited staff in the office on Friday to answer calls with reservations and scheduling questions..

UPDATE: 9/17/18 - 7:00PM - Images from Caswell

We've uploaded some photos that show the extent of the flooding, which is our main issue, and a couple of examples of wind damage. Considering what was being called for last week, we still feel incredibly blessed despite the damage you see in these photos.

As before, those members of our staff who are on campus have begun the process of assessing damage, but it will be a slow process until we can get more hands involved. Water is still high across campus in many places, but a dry forecast for the end of the week should help the waters recede.

Please join us in praying for access to Brunswick County to become available again soon, so that vital service crews and members of our staff who are stranded outside the county can return.

A Note On Volunteering: We have started hearing from friends in churches across the state that they hope to mobilize to help those in need in our area, including at Fort Caswell. We are very grateful for your eagerness to serve, but we will not be able to accept volunteer groups until we have completed our assessment and have a plan in place. As of today, our best estimate for being able to welcome volunteers is the end of next week at the earliest. If you would like to receive volunteer information when it's available, you can let us know by visiting the "Volunteer" link under the "More" menu on our website. That page has a form which allows you to send us a note with your group's information.

UPDATE: 9/16/18 - 8:00PM - Reopening is To-Be-Determined

Thank you for your continued prayer for Fort Caswell, our staff, and the ministry here. A few of our staff have been able to make it back to campus and start assessing damage, but it has been very difficult as we experience ongoing rain and wind.
So far we have found a few buildings with structural damage and/or serious water damage, and a good portion of our campus is flooded.
We feel very blessed and believe that God's hand was upon us during this storm.
Many members of our staff are, understandably, attending to their own personal needs, safety, or are unable to return due to road closures, so our reopening date is still To-Be-Determined. We appreciate your continued prayers and support during this time, and we will post updates daily through Facebook and our website, so be sure to check back often.

UPDATE: 9/15/18 - 1:30 PM. Campus is still closed. No one is allowed on the island.

We have a small team of assessors on the ground at Caswell. We will need to wait for the rain to slow before we can provide a full report. Thankfully, there appears to have been less wind damage than there could have been, with only a few damaged roofs. It is clear that our primary damage has come from flooding, with large accumulations of water on most of campus. We will update again when we can make a more complete assessment, once conditions allow. Thank you for your concern.

Fort Caswell will close at noon, Tuesday September 11, and will not reopen until further notice. Check back on this page for updates. 

We appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers for the protection of Caswell during this storm. Please join us in praying for all those effected by Florence across the country.

This page will be updated as time goes on with updates for when we will reopen.

Thank you.