Christmas by the Sea

From Manger to Majesty.

For years, senior adults have enjoyed attending our Christmas by the Sea retreats as a way to prepare themselves for the hectic holiday season and remember what is is we are truly celebrating. This year our theme is "From Manger to Majesty" and we will reflect of the life of Jesus that started in a humble manger and ended on Earth with the redemption of mankind.

Join us for Christmas by the Sea, a 3-day retreat where food, fellowship, worship, and entertainment meet, setting the proper tone for this special season.

Christmas show (choose between traveling to Myrtle beach or staying for a show at Fort Caswell, see dates below for details).
Included Christmas-themed craft.

Nov. 29- Dec 1 (Show in Myrtle Beach)
Dec. 4-6 (Show in Myrtle Beach)

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