Caswell Fall Conference

A youth retreat when it's needed most...

Announcing a 3-day, 2-night weekend fall retreat for youth. November 2-4, 2018



Summer camp is amazing, but what about life during the school year? The most trying and defining moments in a student's life often take place when the social, academic, and athletic pressures of the other three seasons are high. The obligations to family, school and peers can easily take young student's focus away from the Lord, and toward lesser concerns of the world at large.

That's why we've programmed the our fall youth retreat, Caswell Fall Conference, for November 2-4, 2018, right when the school year is heating up and youth may be in need of a spiritual pick-me-up to keep them focused in their Christian walk.

Theme: Words to Life - While paying the ultimate penalty for sins He never committed, our Savior hung in agony on the Cross so that we might have eternity with Him. On the Cross, Jesus could have chosen to say nothing. What He chose to say, is both unexpected and shocking. While on the Cross, our Savior made seven statements. These statements were more than merely Words - they were Words that offered Life. In the series Words to Life, we will explore the seven statements Jesus made while hanging on the Cross and discover the overwhelming love He offers with each statement.

Speaker: Jeffrey Dean- Learn More about Jeffrey

Worship Leader: Seth and Nirva - View Website

Saturday Night Music: The Just Give Me Jesus Tour - Unspoken, Caitie Hurst, Land of Color, Tyrus Morgan.

Price: $155 per person - includes lodging, program fee, and 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.

Every Fall Conference includes a combination of large group worship services and small group studies written by the speaker to dovetail with the retreat's theme and topic. In addition, Saturday night features a concert featuring several touring Christian musicians (see above link for the Just Give Me Jesus Tour). Lodging is included in the rate as are meals for Saturday all day and Sunday morning.


Concert Only Option: For those who can not make the full weekend, the Just Give Me Jesus tour stop is open to the public. Call our office for tickets - price is $5 if you call ahead, $7 at the door. (910) 278-9501.

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Jeffrey Dean

Jeffrey Dean

Seth and Nirva - Worship Leaders