Caswell Fall Conference

A Mid-School Year Opportunity to Refocus

Announcing a 3-day, 2-night weekend fall retreat for youth. November 1-3, 2019



Summer camp is amazing, but what about life during the school year? The most trying and defining moments in a student's life often take place when the social, academic, and athletic pressures of the other three seasons are high. The obligations to family, school and peers can easily take young student's focus away from the Lord, and toward lesser concerns of the world at large.

That's why we've programmed the our fall youth retreat, Caswell Fall Conference, for November 1-3, 2019, right when the school year is heating up and youth may be in need of a spiritual pick-me-up to keep them focused in their Christian walk.

Theme: What If ...

One of the most powerful things Jesus did was ask, what if.  He consistently challenged those around him to think outside of the box; to push ourselves beyond what we believe is our capacity and embrace the Spirit-led plan God has laid out before us.  Even today, one of the most powerful questions we can our community is, "what if?"

What if we let God turn our friends into our family and we thrived because of it?  What if we anticipated God working and when he did, we celebrated as the heavens do?  What if we always invited and never stopped loving people?  What if we passionately pursued growth and loved people no matter where they’re at?  What if every person in your community became a light in the darkness.  Then the world would change.

Speaker: EJ Swanson- EJ is blessed to be leading a team of NextGen Pastors and Directors across fourteen campuses at Woodside Bible Church in The Metro Detroit area! He loves being in the trenches with a great team and doing life with parents, students and kids while leading them towards Christ every day. He speaks to over 150,000 students and adults per year and has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the nation! Learn more about EJ

Worship Leader: Austin and Lindsey Adamec

Special Evening of Worship: Iron Bell Music

Price: $160 per person - includes lodging, program fee, and 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.

Every Fall Conference includes a combination of large group worship services and small group studies written by the speaker to dovetail with the retreat's theme and topic. In addition, Saturday night features a special eventing of worship with Christian musicians (see above link for Iron Bell Music). Lodging is included in the rate as are meals for Saturday all day and Sunday morning.

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