Sometimes it can feel like our churches are stuck inside the walls of a building. Perhaps because of this, we very often hear a form of this question:

"I’m a member of a church group, and I’d really like for us to come down for a retreat, but how would I go about doing that?”

If that’s you, we have good news, helping churches and their various ministry groups plan retreats is our mission!

Our reservations staff has years of experience providing personalized advice to groups just like yours. We will help find space for everyone, food for everyone, places to meet and even little details that are easily overlooked. If you have some idea of how your event is to be structured, who will be speaking, and rough number attending, then you know enough to get started. Call our office and ask to speak to reservations, even if you’re just curious. They can get your questions answered quickly and make programming much easier for you.

Men’s or women’s retreats, deacon retreats, choir, lay renewal, Sunday school classes, marriage enrichment, and family reunions are just the beginning of a long list of church retreats we’ve hosted in the past.

Won’t you consider making your next meeting break outside the church walls and into a truly memorable experience? Our staff is ready and waiting to help make it possible.

Call us today, (910) 278-9501