Advanced Christian Retreat Ministry Application

    Thank you for your interest in Fort Caswell's Advanced Christian Retreat Ministry Internship

    For many, going to camp or to a Christian retreat center is a peaceful escape from the pressures of the outside world. For other people, these special places may be where they are called to serve as employees and build their careers. If you feel like you've had that call to serve at a Christian camp or retreat center - or even if you just want to explore it further as an option - a season at Fort Caswell as an intern can build your experience and broaden your horizons. The Advanced Cristian Retreat Ministry Internship challenges participants by requiring them to coordinate and lead the standard C.R.M. interns while contributing meaningfully to programing goals and the spiritual development of C.R.M. interns. It is the aim of our internship program to give you the references and work experience you'll need to go to any Camp and Conference center and submit an application with confidence.

    Our internships are for one year, and they begin either in January or August.

    Our internships are paid and housing, utilities, internet, and many meals are included as well.

    If you are interested in learning more you may call (910) 278-9501 and ask to speak with Karissa Weir.

    The application form must be filled out online below, but prospective interns will be called in for an interview if they are under consideration.

    Steps to the application process:
    1. Fill out and submit this application.

    2. If you have never worked on our staff before, send your references to the following link: Online Reference Form, where they may fill out your reference online. New intern applications will not be processed until all references have been received. If you are a prior staffer, you do not need to fill out references.

    3. Wait to be contacted by our staff by email. If you are under consideration for an internship, we will work with you to set up an interview date.

    Please fill out each part of the form below and press submit at the end.

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    Please give complete name, address, and daytime phone information for each of your references. In addition to filling out this section telling us who they are, you must also ask them to submit a reference form to us.
    NOTE: If you are a RETURNING APPLICANT, you do NOT need to submit references, you may skip this section.

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    Short-answer Questions
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    APPLICANT QUESTIONS (for both new and returning staff):

    Briefly describe your initial encounter with Jesus Christ and relate how continuing experiences have affected your life.

    How have your home, church, and school helped or hindered your growth as a person?

    In light of your own experience and attitudes, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a group member? A leader? One working under authority? Working with the opposite sex?

    Are there matters with which you are now occupied (family, friends, finances, etc.) that could claim your attention during the period you would be employed? Discuss briefly.

    What is your understanding of the position for which you are applying? Why have you applied for this internship?

    What goals have you set for the internship and how do you hope to achieve them?

    Please read the following:
    I certify that the statements given in my application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that consideration for employment is conditional upon the results of a reference check. I hereby authorize you to verify all information contained on this application with former employers, references, appropriate personnel or resources. I further authorize that any personnel at listed place of employment or references may disclose any and all information regarding my work history, personal characteristics, work habits, or areas of importance to this organization.
    I furthermore waive the right to bring a lawsuit against the aforementioned references for releasing such requested information.
    I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for shall be considered sufficient to cause for dismissal if employed. I understand this authorization and agree to the release and verification of this aforementioned information.

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    If you have never been employed with us, please remember to send your references to the following link: Online Reference Form, where they may fill out your reference online. New intern applications will not be processed until all references have been received. If you are a prior staffer, you do not need to fill out references.
    If you have further questions you may contact us at (910) 278-9501 or email us at

    If this online application is filled out correctly, hit the submit button to complete your application.

    Please allow one week for your application to be received and processed. Once processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

    If you receive an error message upon clicking "Submit" or have not received an email confirmation within one week from submitting the application, please contact us by phone at (910) 278-9501 to ensure that we have your application.

    Thank you.