We let North Carolina’s estuaries, marshland, and beaches become the classroom.

Environmental Stewardship Program

As you cross the bridge into Oak Island, you will drive right over one of North Carolina’s most diverse ecosystems: the estuary. Estuaries are areas where the river meets the sea, and they are “nurseries” for many plant, fish, and animal species. Fort Caswell is located right on an estuary, surrounded by the Cape Fear River, Atlantic Ocean, and marshland.

Because Fort Caswell sits on such a unique ecosystem, we offer an Environmental Stewardship program that focuses on giving students hands-on experience in an outdoor environment. Students can get their hands wet looking for crabs, fish off the coast, view plankton under a microscope, and even kayak up a tidal creek! Our curriculum is designed to correlate with NC Essential Standards for Science and Social Studies.

Our programs are offered to public, private, or homeschool groups. We also offer teacher workshops for both formal and non-formal educators.

We seek to help students better understand and respect the natural world. Through our hands-on outdoor teaching, we are creating awareness and a sense of responsibility to care for and preserve our environment.



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